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About Us
iBee Tech Labs, established in the digital era, is less than a decade-old boutique digital services company serving mid- to enterprise-level companies in the Middle East, India and Africa.

One Team. One Goal.

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We believe that we can cause profound impact to our clients when we cultivate a customer-first mindset and focus on continuously improving our craft. We’re always accountable to end-results even when the path is not absolutely clear at first. We stay true to our missions at all times. When we enjoy our work, work ceases to be work and becomes fun. 

This is who we are. 

Our Philosophy

What We Believe In

Defined by details, driven by results.

Digital transformation per se is not a panacea but just a means to achieve your larger goals.

Form follows function. Similarly, digital transformation efforts should serve your business objectives. If it's the other way around, financial losses, poor customer experience, and pain ensue.

Industry expertise and technology must be intertwined to bring about the best of customer and employee experience.

Industry and cross-discipline expertise only brings about true innovation. When innovation capitalizes technology advancements, your organization will be unstoppable.

Getting first-hand experience of the situation is the best way to understand the pain of the customer.

If the actual pain and its reasoning are not deeply understood, we end up applying a balm for skin cancer or in the reverse, applying a big data solution and or block chain solution for simple problems.

Areas of Expertise



Process Optimization


Digital Automation


Digital Infrastructure


Digital Transformation


Digital Economy

Our Trusted Partners

Our partners are the best in the industry in providing simple and practical solutions to customers’ problems.