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Digital Guidance Solution

Telepresenz is an augmented reality enabled remote assistance solution that connects field executives to mentors, experts, or supervisors in the office, enabling remote learning on a scale that has never before been imagined. The platform enables real-time, two-way communication between a base station expert and remote users who could be in any location, anywhere in the world. 


Why Telepresenz

Increases field team productivity while decreasing travel and training costs

Optimizes and maximises utilization of experts for high value projects
Improved communication with automatic notifications
Enables easy knowledge transfer and eliminates frequent mistakes
Helps maintain excellent service levels and efficiency
Superior control, scalability, and increased flexibility with audit trails and reporting


  • Real-time video feed from one/many field users
  • Telestrate on still images
  • Telestrate on live video
  • Share documents, images and videos
  • Share and manipulate 3d files
  • Share text messages
  • QR code scanning
  • Annotations on live video and static images
  • Customizable platform
  • Simple voice navigation and controls
  • Integrations with PDMS / CRMS / FSMS / IIOT platforms
  • Real-time reporting with tool and database integrations
  • Workflow progress tracking and automation

Get a quick overview of Telepresenz in this short video.


Get a quick overview of Telepresenz in this short video.

Jim Shapiro
Operations Excellence Manager
Van Dyk Recyling Solutions

Christopher Todd
Pride And Service Elevators

Christopher Bova
Director of Operations
Van Dyk Recyling Solutions


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